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WHY don’t you introduce us to the Radical Feminist Sisters you know??

Look at this incredible woman with a vibrant smile! Look at her! This woman is someone I passed up the opportunity to meet. I am glad someone talked me into attending the event on my 22nd birthday. Susan Faludi is a radical feminist that I wish I had been introduced to years before. 

During her talk Faludi posed the question of how we would go about taking from our mothers and giving to our daughters as well as giving to our mothers and taking from our daughters. Feminism is not just about female feminists, but about feminists as a whole, as both a community of people and an ideology. The most prominent suggestion that Faludi gave to helping feminism change the world was to not just put women into the man made world but instead,  start empowering and embracing the single mother. This will then lead to the empowerment of her children, both girls and boys and being a system of change that will allow feminists to create a world where women are equal instead of the traditional way of meshing themselves in the patriarchal system. Let us make a world that is founded on the ideas of feminism.

Rock on FEMINIST sisters!

Check out Faludi’s Official Website:

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